A note from Ted.
We live in an age of pictures. An awesome headshot can propel your career forward and a flat one can have you stuck in rut. But if you don’t know how to take an awesome headshot you’re not going to walk away with an awesome headshot.

This is why I’m obsessed with helping you be your best self and own it in front of the camera, so your headshots match your inner awesomeness and separate you from the masses.

My headshot sessions are not like others. Don’t expect to come to the studio, cycle through your different clothing looks, and have me pose you in different “flattering” poses. That’s really boring and how you end up with safe headshots that look nice and don’t say anything about you – and ultimately, get lost in the mix.

Please expect a super welcoming and creative environment where you feel comfortable enough to collaborate with me in creating kinetic moments filled with intention.

Expect me to explain everything along the way and push you to be great. My aim is for you to walk out refreshed, empowered, and with a new set of shots that say something.

Oh yeah, and before we take a single photo I will walk you through various techniques, ideas and tools that you can use while we shoot, so you’re not just awkwardly standing in front of the camera, but actively collaborating with me to create moments that are unique and attention grabbing.

I got you!