New York Portraits

It’s not just about headshots anymore. You can greatly benefit from having professional promo photos, portraits and video clips in addition to your 8×10 headshots. With websites and social platforms gaining more and more steam, having content to post is becoming essential.

The more high quality professional media you have circulating online, including video and pictures, the more casting directors, agents, directors, and choreographers can see you. Building your exposure through professional media sources helps important people become aware of you and your awesomeness — which leads to better relationships and more paying gigs.

Let me help you get your vibe out there!

I will work with you to create clean and professional portraits that showcase your personal brand. We will work in collaboration to capture creative portraits like seen in magazines, commercials, and print ads so when industry professionals see them, it gives you instant status.

We can capture just about any look, mood, or feeling in your portraits you’d like, so you can have control over how industry professionals view you.

Ideas for the type of portraits we can create together include:

Social Media
Magazine Editorials
Modeling portfolio
Comp Card

You tell me exactly what you’d like and I’ll get you set up with shots that grab attention, so you can book more work across all areas of the industry.

Not exactly sure what you need? Get in touch with me and let’s have a chat about what types of portraits you could benefit from.

Through the years I’ve created many relationships in the industry and have communicated with top casting and talent agents. In this day and age having ample professional coverage across all online platforms is important. Pictures and video can be a great way for the industry to get to know you and your unique vibe better.

If you’re interested in working together and would like more information and pricing on a creative portrait session please contact me