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You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re not happy with your current headshots and you’re interested in getting new one’s.
  • Getting your headshots taken is always a little awkward, and you’d like to have a better experience.
  • Or perhaps you just want some more information about me, headshots, and how it all works.

Hey, I’m Ted, I collaborate with actors and professionals to create high-quality headshots that get noticed (without the awkwardness).

I wasn’t always camera savvy and comfortable being myself in front of one. Like many other headshot photographers, I am also an actor.

As an actor I have had many headshot sessions with different photographers. All were mostly awkward, weird and stressful. I generally ended up with a few shots that worked, but none that were truly awesome.

The night before my first ever professional headshot session, I flew to NYC, left my suitcase in the back of a cab, and had to get all new clothes at the Gap for my session in the morning! Talk about awkward and stressful.

Taking an interest in headshot photography and developing my skills both behind and in front of the camera, has lead me to discover two things about headshots.

1. While looking into the camera, the main objective is to feel empowered, confident, and darn awesome.

2. The photographer needs to have mastered the technical aspects of photography, so they can focus less on the technical stuff and more on connecting and empowering you in front of the camera.

Looking straight into a black empty lens and being your best self can be a little overwhelming. You need someone behind the camera that will communicate to you exactly what to do, so you can focus on being yourself.

That’s what I do. I communicate with you and walk you step-by-step through your session. I have worked with hundreds of actors and professionals to gain the experience necessary to make the technical side of photography second nature. My only focus is you, your vibe, and how to best capture YOU.

This passion for headshot photography has lead me to work with and form great relationships with amazing actors, performers, and industry professionals.

Headshots representing actors and dancers who have been in or currently are in:

Top referred photographer for talent agencies, including:

Have worked with many actors, dancers, business professionals and coached hundreds of people on how to empower themselves during their headshot session.

Fun and comfortable to work with

Had an amazing shoot with Ted. Ted is extremely fun and comfortable to work with. He also comes to the shoot with a director’s mind, and really knows how to get specific emotions out of you. Would highly recommend to any and all actors who are serious about having professional headshots!

Connor Tinglum

Hands down the best

I’m notoriously bad in front of the camera, but Ted’s electric personality and obvious expertise had me relaxed and dancing! My head shots turned out so beautifully it’s been nearly impossible to pick favorites. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Ted. Hands down the best time I’ve ever had while getting my pictures taken!

Tori Hidalgo

Extremely comfortable to work with

Ted Ely has done wonders! As soon as I shot with him he made it extremely comfortable to work with and I was able to have fun shooting. He let me play my playlist of tunes that make me feel good and he let a rip with his camera and we produced some great work together. I highly recommend shooting with Ted Ely because he not only makes you feel like a superstar, but I know that I walked away with a new friend. Thank you so much, Ted!

Aaron Ray

Working with Ted was fantastic

I was worried that my age would prevent me from getting good head shots, especially since I don’t see many women who look like me on photographers’ websites, but working with Ted was fantastic. He not only got my physical humor, he listened when I gave him the list of roles I wanted to book and on the day of the shoot he gave me specific directions to capture the looks I wanted. Ted has worked tirelessly to pinpoint the exact positioning a body needs to be in in order to convey energy and connectivity. I knew immediately that these head shots would propel me into the world I am ready to be working in.

To say that I am happy

To say that I am happy with the way my headshots turned out would be the understatement of the century. I’m one of those “I don’t like my picture taken types” who, because of the way Ted shoots, ended up with over 50 possible images to chose from. 50+! From start to finish, I felt relaxed, comfortable and most importantly, confident that what Ted and I were creating was of a caliber far beyond what I have presented to casting directors thus far in my professional career. Both myself and my agents are excited to see what doors these new amazing photos open up for me!

David Michael Gary

Made me more confident

Ted Ely is amazing. Our session started with a chat about life and the business that immediately put me at ease. By the time we started taking pictures, I not only felt relaxed, but trusted that Ted and I had the same objective for the shoot. He was able to put into words (and pictures) what I hoped to accomplish with these new head shots better than I could. His experience and his confidence in the pictures we were taking, in turn made me more confident with every picture. I ended up with probably about 30 shots that I would feel confident and excited to bring into an audition room. I cannot wait to refer all of my friends looking for new head shots.

Brad Frenette

I’m not sure why you stopped by today...

  • It could be that your current headshots aren’t cutting it.
  • Maybe you’ve been using headshots taken by friends or family members and you’re ready for something more professional.
  • Or maybe you’re just surfing the web!

If there’s one thing to take away from this visit.

It’s that I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to headshots.

When we work together I’ll take you step-by-step through your photoshoot so you feel less awkward and more awesome! You’ll walk away with headshots that look like you and match the ambitions and goals you have for your career.

If you’re interested in working together or would like more information please contact me for availability and pricing.